The Diner Review

I had only heard good things about The Diner in Adams Morgan, a 24 hour diner that serves breakfast all day. My sister has also been on a district-wide hunt for chocolate chip pancakes, and when we found out The Diner had them, we decided to venture over to Adams Morgan and try them out. Bring on the brunch!

The Diner had the true "diner" vibe, but it was infused with a little bit of Adams Morgan spunk (for those of you not from DC, Adams Morgan is a hip and eccentric neighborhood). The crowd was largely young 20-somethings, but there were a few older diners eating at the bar. We were seated right away (thankfully, because we were starving), and the waitress had our whole order down in less than three minutes.

I went with a Western omelette with chicken sausage (it was ham but I substituted it for the sausage), peppers, and onion. The chicken sausage was really delicious and the omelette was fluffy--it was clear that the eggs hadn't been over-beaten or over-cooked. The side of sourdough bread was fresh and chewy, and I made my own mini breakfast sandwich with a slice of the bread and some of the omelette.

My sister got, as planned, the chocolate chip pancakes, and they did not disappoint.

She is quite the pancake connoisseur, but she gave me a great review on the chocolate chip pancakes. Her exact quote was "I can't think of a single thing wrong with them." For her to say that is a BIG deal.

Overall, the service was fast, the food was perfect diner fare, and the atmosphere was fun. I will definitely be back to The Diner soon to try their Bread Pudding French Toast. I think it's a must.

Visit The Diner at 2453 18th St, NW
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  1. I keep hearing about this place but have never been, even though I am pretty close or at least a close bus ride. I need to try this place out.

    1. such good diner food. it stinks that I live pretty far away--im jealous you're close by!!