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Sweetgreen has officially taken over the DC food scene. Their quick and healthy salads, frozen yogurts, wraps, and juices can be found at ten locations throughout the district, with several more throughout Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Philadelphia (and soon New York City).

Founded by Georgetown University students in 2007, Sweetgreen has quickly rocketed to culinary stardom. Sweetgreen's salad-centric menu hit DC at the right time--aligning itself perfectly with a yoga and Lulu Lemon craze that made healthy and fit "chic."

The main attractions at Sweetgreen are their salads and their grain bowls which are essentially salads that have quinoa and farro as the base instead of lettuce. There are pre-designed salad combinations for both options, but diners are also encouraged to choose their own toppings from a variety of veggies (such as beets, pickles, cucumber, carrots, corn, onion), fruits (such as apples, pears, grapes, tomatoes), other crunchy toppings (such as parmesan crisps, croutons, seeds, quinoa), and proteins (shrimp, falafel, tofu, chicken). Monthly additions are also made to the topping choices based on the seasons best and most fresh ingredients, and diners can also turn any salad into a wrap.

I've tried both Sweetgreen's salads and grain bowls, and I often vacillate between the two. My choice depends largely on my mood and level of hunger--if I'm hungrier I go for the grain bowl because it's more filling. Their frozen yogurt (which they call Sweetflow) also makes a nice dessert especially on a humid DC summer day.

Their prices are a little high, but not unbearable. The toppings are where they get you--it costs extra every time you add a cheese or protein. Despite the prices, I think Sweetgreen is a great choice for a quick and healthy meal that tastes delicious and makes you feel good.

Visit the original Sweetgreen at 3333 M St, NW
Washington, DC 20007

or click here to check out their other locations

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