Bourbon Steak Review

I'd heard nothing but great things about Bourbon Steak, the resident restaurant at Georgetown's Four Seasons, before dining there myself. I made a last minute reservation for my family while they were in town and I expected it to be good, but I didn't expect it to be as phenomenal as it was.

The meal started off on the right foot when our waiter, who was extremely attentive and friendly, brought us three different kinds of duck fat french fries, each flavored in their own unique seasoning mix and paired with a complimentary dipping sauce. Originally we were confused because we thought that they delivered the fries to the wrong table, but soon realized that they were essentially an amuse bouche. We scarfed them down in about three minutes, and dug into delicious pull apart rolls next (the bread service was not free sadly). The rolls were light, flaky, and buttery--pure magic.

By the time the main courses came around, I was already completely smitten. I got the Rockfish entree with pine nuts, chermoula, and sea beans which was served as a sort of stew in a large bowl. My sister got steak (it is Bourbon STEAK after all, so someone had to get it) and said it was the best steak that she has ever had. She is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met and just generally impossible to impress, so this was a major breakthrough for her.

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This is definitely a "special occasion" place, as their entree prices range from $29 to a whopping $85 dollars a piece. Bourbon Steak would be a great place to bring a date that you really wanted to impress (if you are paying, that is). Overall the service was spot on, the atmosphere was hip and sophisticated, and the food was great. Definitely somewhere I plan on dining again, although hopefully not out of my pocket.

My top 3 dishes:

1. Steak -- Any steak dish here is a home run.
2. Duck Fat French Fries -- Uniquely flavored fries and addicting dipping sauces.
3. Bourbon Brownie -- Decadent and delicious brownie. But beware--there is straight whiskey inside an orb shaped candy that comes with the brownie. Crack it over the brownie and mix the whiskey into the dessert. DO NOT bite into the candy by itself (I made that mistake).

Visit Bourbon Steak at 2800 Pennsylvania Av, NW
Washington, DC 20007
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