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Jetties makes the largest sandwiches I have ever seen. The meat, vegetables, sauce, and thick cut bread are piled high--and I love it.

At Jetties, located in the Foxhall neighborhood of Georgetown (I'm not even sure if it is still technically "Georgetown" but I'm just going to go with it), has a relaxing summery beach vibe that carries on all throughout the year. The Jetties indoor space itself is small, but the outdoor seating gives it a more expansive presence.

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In terms of their menu offerings, the sandwiches are their bread and butter (pun intended) but they also make salads, soups, platters, and ice cream. But getting back to the sandwiches. All of Jetties signature sandwiches are interesting and unique, especially the Nobadeer, which is Thanksgiving in a sandwich. The Nobadeer is made with thick slices of chewy sourdough bread, fresh thick cut turkey that you can watch them slice in front of you, cranberry sauce, savory stuffing, and mayonnaise. The combination of the cranberry sauce, turkey, and stuffing strikes the perfect balance between sweet, salty, and savory, as the cranberry sauce oozes into the stuffing and over the turkey. 

Other memorable sandwiches include Jetties Sankaty, which is their breakfast sandwich, piled high with scrambled eggs, muenster cheese,and bacon on multigrain bread. The crisp bacon adds the perfect textural crunch to the melted cheese and fluffy egg--this is a perfect hangover breakfast.

Jetties is a little pricey ($9 or more per sandwich), but when you think about how much meat, bread, and toppings you're getting, it starts to seem more reasonable. Jetties is great for quick dine in or take out bite, and you will never leave there hungry. Ever.

Visit Jetties at 1609 Foxhall Road, NW
Washington DC, 20007

or click here for a list of their other locations

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