Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca isn't anything if not posh. But there's something about their six dollar fruit cups and addicting-ly delicious sandwiches that just speaks to me. Mostly encouraging me to empty my wallet, but that's neither here nor there. Dean and Deluca's only DC location is in Georgetown, nestled snugly in between Washington sports club and some nice clothing stores. Its location makes sense based on Dean and Deluca's ritzy demographic.

The food at Dean and Deluca ranges from sandwiches to salads to sushi to pantry and produce staples to pre-made protein and vegetable entrees. The sweets selection at Dean and Deluca is also quite extensive, as they've got huge jars full of candy, a glass case full of decadent chocolates, and an enticing pastry selection. 

While the sweets are definitely the star of Georgetown's Dean and Deluca, their sandwiches are delicious in their own right. Their sandwiches are piled high with amazingly fresh bread and thickly cut meats. The salmon and chicken pre-made entree options are easy and convenient for a quick meal on the go, but they are very pricey. You'd be better off sticking with a sandwich and one of their massive brownies, and calling it a day.

Their turkey, avocado, and alfalfa sprout sandwich on multigrain is unique and fresh. The best part of this sandwich, as is the case with most of their sandwiches, is the chewy, crispy, fresh bread.

Dean and Deluca also offers a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as basic pantry items. However, I am hesitant to recommend that anyone shop there regularly because their prices on produce and pantry staples are outrageously high. That being said, Dean and Deluca is a great place to find unique specialty ingredients that you wouldn't be able to find at your local grocery store.

All in all, Dean and Deluca is great for sandwiches and sweets. Don't shop here for basic pantry needs because you'll end up spending three times as much as you intended.

Visit Dean and Deluca at 3276 M St, NW
Washington, DC 20007

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  1. wait I have been looking for a bulk candy place (darn no car I can't go too far( so this is awesome to see!

    1. their candy choices are so awesome!! if you take a Metro bus to M street or the DC circulator there is a stop right next to Dean and Deluca